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Happy Place

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought: I wish I’d be a small child again, just so I can be legitimately cranky, and scream and cry all day? Needless to say, most people don’t tolerate it very well if a grown person displays the above mentioned attributes, so we need to find another outlet. A place or activity that irons our nerves, calms our minds and smooths the worry-wrinkles on our face.

If I get into a rut, have a rough day at work, or am generally irritated, I know it’s time to hit my yoga mat. I associate yoga with flexibility (both literally and metaphorically speaking) and satisfaction, as it helps me be myself by myself. Within that small colourful square nothing can get to me, nobody judges me, but my batteries recharge and I get my best smile back.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place.
What is your happy place? How do you unwind? Let me know in the comments below.
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6 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. I can very well relate to those feelings you described. It’s true that as an adult it is not “ideal” to behave this way. I also found that yoga helps me to center myself again. I particularly like restorative yoga, because it is so slow, and that it actually allows me to calm down. When do we usually allow ourselves to sit in poses for 10-15 minutes doing nothing else than breath and relax and not feel guilty about it? I can only agree that this is a happy place to be.

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    • And the best thing about your mat is that you can take it anywhere. Also you may be interested in pranayama, in case you haven’t tried it yet. It helps your practice, allows you to sink into a pose deeper and stay in it longer. 🙂

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