Not Postfading

Clouds over the River Lee at Fitzgerald Park in Cork city

I’m bad when it comes to writing on the go. Not that I don’t have the hardware with me to do so (laptop or phone to take notes, camera to take pictures are always at hand), the problem lies more with my internal wiring. I seemingly don’t have the ability to manage the input and the output at the same time. Taking in the new, socialising, seeing and hearing as much as I can, harnesses all my brain power, not leaving any juice for creative output. After having time to digest all that happens, research some of the things I encounter, and letting them trigger memories of the trip I did’t realise I had, my writing seems to be more coherent and more consistent. I’m a retrospective writer, I just have to live with that for now…

That being said you might have guessed that I’ve been busy travelling in the past few weeks. Not only have those weeks been intense to say the least, putting any writing activity to the back burner, but a work-related trip back-to-back with a family visit, and being on the go all the time rendered my internet access sporadic at best. Hence the great silence on the interwebs.

For all interested, the upcoming weeks hold some interesting topics: a quick visit to Cork city in Ireland, a town I used to call home for a couple of years, more London trips to watch shows on the West End, and a newly found love, the city of Oxford in England. I’m working hard to give you the quintessence of all three places, illustrated with my travel pictures as usual. I’ll be back soon…

If you can’t wait for the new posts, don’t be shy to browse my blog for other
interesting places
I visited. Find them under the Sights & Bites menu tab. 

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