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Surprises at Sea

After a long roundabout trip, we’re finally back in Ireland. Being landlocked for years, incited a longing for the smell of the sea, so no wonder that one of our first trips took us on a long walk on Malahide beach just north of Dublin. Malahide’s sand dunes and long, sandy beach are worth taking a trip any time but my favourite time is the afternoon when the tide is out. If you wear appropriate (waterproof) footwear, on a clear day you can walk several hundred meters into the sea in search of little treasures in the ripples of the wet sand and the salty puddles the sea leaves behind. The seashore holds many surprises for beginners and the seasoned adventurer alike, such as live wild clams that stay behind when the water pulls back.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Surprise.
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