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H2OWith autumn comes the rainy season. To a seasoned hiker, a bit of rain is not a challenge (if equipped with the proper hiking gear), and we know that rain also brings forth many wondrous things. Once you’ve enjoyed the tapping of rain on the leaves of a forest, smelled the wet undergrowth after a storm, admired as light prisms on the dew drops, or witnessed how mushrooms almost spring out of the ground on a sunny day after a heavy rain, you know that autumn walks can have a lot in store for you.

Foraged wild mushrooms are not only delicious and nutritious (if you know how to recognize and prepare them of course), but there are also many superstitions surrounding mushrooms that are deeply rooted in many cultures. One of the most common ones is fairy rings, also known as fairy circles or pixie rings, that are said to form because fairies danced there the night before. Or because it was a place of witches’ gathering. According to legends, stepping into the ring is rumored to bring you bad luck, even death, and collecting dew off the grass or destroying the circle is a sure way to land a curse upon your head.

Tip: Legends and curses aside, make sure it’s allowed to forage for mushrooms where
you’re hiking. A lot of nature reserves don’t allow it, as the mushrooms
re essential in keeping the biosphere in balance. 

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: H2O.
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