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Look at My Face


In our daily life we’re constantly being bombarded by stimuli. Human perception is as complex as it gets, but processing every single piece of information is simply impossible. So we’re selective of the information we let in and strive to make interpretation easier. There is a universal tendency to seek patterns in random data called apophenia; simply put it means we seek to see connections in the unintended and unmotivated instances, and seek patterns in random combination of qualities and tendencies, such as human behaviour in general, fortune telling, gambling; that’s also why we see features of a face in the grill of a car or a rock formation.

I came across this standalone rock while visiting the West coast of Ireland, located just off the Cliffs of Moher. To me it resembles a human face from this angle, although it could just as well be my mind playing tricks on me, as it seeks for patterns where there aren’t any.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Face.
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