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Raison D’être – Being Compulsive

I wish I could say I’m one of those people who are bursting with ideas, and have to get them out in some shape or form, otherwise they explode. I’m not like that, yet I can’t help myself. Why do I invest any energy in writing, drawing and taking pictures, even if the faint smell of sweaty effort is clearly detectable sometimes? A few months ago I wrote a little flick for The Daily Post’s photo challenge. At the time I was fascinated (still am) with the annual NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I didn’t complete the challenge, but I don’t consider it a fail, as it highlighted what I’m good at as a writer and other areas where there’s room for improvement. It also gave me some new perspective on blogging.

moveFunny thing, blogging. Nobody ever claimed that writing is easy. Depending on your genre, it could take years to create a good concept, develop enough content and a suitable action plan to make it successful. Add to that, that there’s no shortage of talent in the world and a lot of people are waiting to be noticed; there you have it: an unquenchable thirst for feedback and in most cases more than that. We are social beings who long to share our lives with others, and technological advancement made sharing a whole lot easier in the past decade or so. In our core we yearn to leave our footprint, to prove that, what we have to show adds a drop of value to the big pool of information out there, to prove that we are important. Is it enough to know we’re capable of something if the general public hasn’t got the faintest idea? I’m sure there are writers who write for their desk drawer, simply for their own satisfaction, but we share our works of intellect, for we seek acknowledgement and acceptance. Consider what the most amazing performer would be worth without an audience. Still an amazing performer, but to what end? Approval is the fuel for any artist’s engine. Deep down we all strive to impress someone (maybe ourselves the most) to prove our worth.

As much as I started blogging for my own sake and enjoyment, publishing goes further by now than just putting something out there. It needs to have content, it needs to matter. And that’s the reason I can’t help but seek out expressive outlets for my creativity: I’m a chaser. If you’re a creative type, you know the feeling I’m talking about, no matter which creative medium you’re into. There are moments (days even), when the mind and hand become one, and are seemingly guided by an unseen force; when words seem to flow, brushes fly, everything you do is effortless, and the synergy between you and your creation creates sheer perfection. That’s what drives me… finding those perfect moments.

What is your excuse? Why are you so relentless in your creative work?
Share it with me by leaving a comment below.
This post is in response to The Daily Post’s Discover challenge: Raison d’être.

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