Photo of the Week


I was out grocery shopping the other day, waiting in the queue, watching others around me. In the other line  a woman with two small kids got to the cashier and said, quieting her voice:
‘I only have this much money, will you let me know when we get there?’
The woman in front of her, evidently a stranger, who just finished packing everything up and was about to leave, turned around and responded without hesitation in an equally hushed voice
‘Don’t worry, I pay for the difference.’ And she did.

So yes, witnessing random acts of kindness restores my faith in humanity and makes me feel optimistic about life. Just like hearing the caws of seagulls reminding me of the closeness of the sea, seeing a child reading a book, having a purring cat in my lap, seeing that sparkle in my partner’s eyes years into our relationship, making a friend laugh, eating cheese, a healthy measure of rebellion and a hug in any case, all fuel that fire that makes my heart go faster.

This post is in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Optimistic.
For more pictures visit my gallery here.

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