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Beer-Hopping in Brussels

There are some things every traveller should try at least once, and pub-crawling in Brussels is one of them. If you’re a fan of fine brews of “liquid bread”, Belgian beer is a must-try. Whether in its natural form, or cooked into food it’s rightfully famous, and is indeed consumed in large amounts by tourists and locals alike. Yet drinking beer in Belgium is a form of art. Almost every  beer has its own unique glass, cup or chalice shaped container. Using the correct glass is considered to improve the beer’s flavor.

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4 thoughts on “Beer-Hopping in Brussels

    • Definitely. Not only is the selection in beer massive, the same applies for pubs/bars. From Irish pubs or classic Art Nouveau style cafes to Danish Taverns or Manhattan style delis there’s a lot to choose from. Recommend to visit some restobars. I’ve had the best mussels with one of the best beers I’ve tried in a small family-owned restaurant with wobbly tables (covered with oilcloth tablecloth), sitting on the terrace, watching the traffic, listening to a street musician. If you’re interested I can recommend a few places to visit.

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      • Try Delirium Tremens near the Grand Place, it’s favoured by locals as well, but as it’s in an area frequented by tourists, it naturally sees more tourists. Moeder Lambic Fontainas near Bourse is amazing, usually has over 40 beers on tap. If that’s not enough of a selection, try the Bier Circus at the Cirque Royal Concert Hall with over 200 different brews. There are also plenty of restobars to pick from. Or try Scott’s Bar at the northern end of Las Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, a newly opened cafe/bar, which is perfect if you like to enjoy your beer while partying.


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