New Beginnings

If you’ve been following my progress on the blog, you know that it’s a relatively new baby of mine, and I’ve been mostly writing about travelling so far. If you have read the “About me” page, you also know that the original focus of my marbles of thoughts was planned to be food, cooking and eating.

Then the trip to Mexico came along and brought a change in direction. It made me realise that blogging is not as easy as I first thought, especially if you want to put out a post every single week. After some research into the do’s and don’ts of food blogging, I also discovered that at the moment I lack the resources I would need to write a solely culinary blog. Anyway, the Mexico trip was a perfect opportunity to get me into writing, to give me a solid subject and a timeline week after week, and by that, kicking off the blog. Now that those 10 weeks dedicated to my fondest memories of the journey are over, the real excitement and hard(er) work begins.

The travel section of the blog remains but will now include discovering new places in my region. Having moved to the UK recently, and living near London gives me plenty things to see and try, and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.

On the other hand I also want to focus my efforts on writing about food, for it is a subject I love and can talk about for hours on end. Since food writing doesn’t equal recipes in my opinion, this section will also entail general articles about food, nutritional advice, cooking methods, life hacks, restaurant and cookbook reviews, top 10 lists, culinary delights on my travels (just to mix it all up), etc.; essentially any topic that is and can be related to food, cooking and eating.

Let’s set out on the next part of this journey, shall we?

Ask me, question me, grill me!
Let me know if there is something in particular you would like to read about.
I always like a challenge.
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